Brian Álvarez

Brian Alvarez

Endpoint Support Technician

Brian Alvarez

Brian Alvarez

Endpoint Support Technician

Brian has his certification as a Cisco Support Technician.

He has over 4 years ofexperience in the PointofSale industry aswellas 3 years of experience as anEndpoint Support Technician.

Brian assists with servicing enterpriselevel equipment in Big Box retail alongwithin a domaincontrolled environment.

He continues todevelopwithin theI.T. industry through the wide spectrum Ingolo Technologies is involved in.

Brian provides thorough dedication to thework at hand, goingabove andbeyond to ensurean excellent customer service, something in which hefirmlybelieves, and excels at.

Brian is an aspiring musician and music producer. He has started,and continueshis legacy on all musicstreamingplatforms. Brian has performed at manymusic venues in Mexico as well as assisting with stage production.

This in turn,inspired him to start his own production company with 2 friends, who are nowhis business partners.

His production company is called ESR United. It is aproduction company ‘for musicians, bymusicians’. The aim of which is to showfairness, respect and support to new coming artists in need.


Music production