We offer a variety of services and can tailor them to suit your business’s unique requirements.


This means so you don’t have to worry about IT problems. For a fixed rate each month – our Platinum rate is all-inclusive – we will provide anti-virus, documentation, monitoring, back-ups, updates, computer tune-ups and much more.

Break Fix

We provide Break Fix services on a pay-as-you-go basis. Don’t want to have a contract? No problem! Contact us now for no upfront costs and no fixed reoccurring expenses.

Data Center

We offer web hosting to our customers on our state-of-the-art cPanel servers, with Cloudflare CDN.


Our voice-over-internet protocol services take care of everything. This means you’ll need less on-site hardware and have many more calling capabilities with zero maintenance.

Website Hosting

Publish your website for the world to see. Our website hosting ensures that your business and brand are out there, establishing your place in your industry.


Easy to fit your drones for both professional provider and DIY players. Customized design. Low price. High quality. Lidar sensor.